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Bottle with 65 Natural Inciesos for aromatherapy



Let peace and calm to penetrate and perfume your life thanks to the bottle with 65 natural inciesos for aromatherapy.

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The burning of incense for Buddhists is not only offering but also purifying symbol through thoughts and Buddhist moral actions and leave the understanding gained through the teachings of the Dharma to penetrate and perfume our lives in the same way as incense penetrates and perfumes our House.

Bottle with 65 Natural Inciesos for aromatherapy

The bottle has a measure of 56x193mm closed with Cork stopper and includes inside 65 made of natural incense cones.

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Ambergris, Aquilaria, Artemisia, Carnation, Eaglewood, Jasmine, Lavender, Lilac, Lemon, Mint, Mixed, Oceanic, Fragrant olive, Qi Nan, Pink, Sandalwood, Green tea, Thuja


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