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Boho Chic Choker with Crystal Drop Open and crescent


Shines like the moon and the stars in the sky thanks to this lovely chic boho choker. Surprised everyone!

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Be captivated by this wonderful chic boho choker. His unique style will make everyone stops to watch you, surprised and marveling.

This precious necklace is formed by a ring unclosed, which at one end hangs a glass crimp teardrop. At the other end, It has a small chain which hangs a golden crescent.

Let the power of the moon reaches all aspects of your life

This choker allows you to attract the power of the moon to you. Lunar influences in humans are well demonstrated, even through purely scientific work. Today, we know that the moon affects not only the tides and pregnant women, it also affects our character, mood and therefore our way of doing and perceiving things.

Moon measures the fluctuations in the flow of energy and coordinates activities of organic life to psychological and chemical level.

Surprise everyone with this lovely chic boho choker

Let everyone thanks to this chic boho choker be surprised

Get your own style with this chic boho choker


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