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Boho-print scarf Hedgehogs



Surprise everyone thanks to our foulard percioso boho chic with a pattern of hedgehogs.

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This boho foulard allow you to have one more aspect eco nature. Scarf size 85cm x 175cm is, It is made of viscose.

Transformation Foulard

It is too early to use the hackneyed scarf you gave your girl back to the last decade and refuse to renew because 'you do not need another', but you get 'pajarito’ to the office.

The solution is in the foulard, or bandana, as you want to call. It does not bite, It does not hurt, It is a piece of very light fabric made. It gets around the neck and helps us to support the first drop in temperatures, which announces the arrival of autumn. He also uses a lot in the head or around the waist, whether for fashion or for religious reasons.

Model 001 White with Blue Hedgehog


It surprises everyone and wrap up your boho chic scarf



Model 002 Gray with White Hedgehog

Create a unique look thanks to our boho scarf



Model 003 White with Gray Hedgehog

This print scarf with hedgehogs please both children and adults



Model 004 Red with White Hedgehog

Let your style marvel to all who see you



Model 005 Light Blue with Blue Hedgehog

This scarf hedgehog attract all eyes towards you



Model 006 Pink with Blue Hedgehog



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