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Boho Chic foulard-print Horses



Free yourself from the chains that bind you to the world and free running forward with this wonderful boho chic foulard.

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The horse is a noble and free being. His strength and charisma make this beast one of the most beloved for man. That is why for centuries horses were used to perform many tasks, treating him as a member of the family. That is why in many places around the world, equestrian motifs and pictograms are very dear. That's why we bring you this lovely boho chic foulard printed with a lovely horse,.

This scarf is made of viscose, with a size of 90cm x 180cm. With its unmistakable style, once you wear this beautiful scarf, You feel like all eyes rest on you.

The power of animal spirit horse

Many legends mention that the horse is clairvoyant and able to perceive humans with magical powers. No other animal has given man the physical freedom of movement that the horse has given. The horse has been the means of transport of human beings until the cars were invented and rail.


Model 001 White with Blue Horse

Surprise everyone with your boho chic scarf



Model 002 White with Brown Horse

Eye-catcher thanks to this wonderful scarf



Model 003 Gray with Pink Horse

Let everyone admire you thanks to this beautiful scarf



Model 004 Dark Blue with White HorseEveryone will be amazed by this wonderful scarf



Model 005 Blue with Yellow HorseMake all thanks to your precious scarf excited



Model 006 Dark gray Blue HorseLet everyone admire your style with this chic boho scarf



Model 007 Pink with Yellow HorseStamping horses in this scarf will make you feel like you free your soul



Model 008 Gray Black HorseGet a free and unstoppable soul through this scarf



Model 009 Black with Red Horsealways continues to move forward achieving your dreams through this scarf



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