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Figure Ganesha Ceramic



Protect your home from negative energy and get positive energy of the universe thanks to this beautiful figure of Ganesha.

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This small figure of Ganesha will help you decorate your home, work or patio. With its colorful, You can enjoy it anywhere and marvel every time you see. In addition, your classmates, friends and acquaintances will stop to see each time they pass in front of him.

The benefits of Ganesha in Hindu culture

Ganesh is the most popular god in India. Son of Shiva and his wife Parvati God, Ganesha (or Ganesh as is known), It is represented with a male body and a head elephant. For his followers, this god represents protection and good luck, opening roads and freeing obstacles.

Ganesh is short and stocky, and his torso we see a snake that serves yaneu, the sacred thread that often wear high-caste Hindus. The eustachian ganesh usually sample dumped leftward, perhaps because in his left hand usually takes ladus: a sweet balls made from chickpea flour, butter and sugar. Ganesh is a known gourmand, hence the fat. It is said that when God is angry, its trunk looks to the right.

With its ability to open roads and obstacles release, many people usually make offerings to him before embarking on a job or perform an important task so that no problems are on the way. In addition, thanks to its protection and good luck, you can attract money into your life.

In many homes it is usually adore him for the same reasons: to achieve economic stability and finding problems in life. It also helps us to distinguish reality from illusion. Like this, we can choose the right path in life without straying.

Put a figure of Ganesha in your life and let good luck into you!

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