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Figure Small Buddha



Make your home a welcoming place thanks to this Buddha figure. Thanks to its size can place it anywhere.

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For hundreds of years ago, its uses the figure of Buddha as decoration and home protection.

These small figurines will help you decorate your home giving a twist. Thanks to its small size 11cm x 6cm, You can place the figurines anywhere in your home or office work. Like this, every time you see them you will be happy and you will feel more at peace and less stressed. Each of the figures is of a different color and shows a representation of Buddha. Thus we have the Buddha red looking skyward, Gray Buddha praying, blue calm meditating Buddha and yellow Buddha reached enlightenment.

With its colorful and different shapes, you can decorate each with different areas of your house according to your personal style. You can also place them in your workplace, Office, mesa, etc. to remind the qualities of each Buddha: calm, serenity, contemplation and lighting. This will make your personal corner a place of peace and tranquility, away stress and bad thoughts.

Using the figure of Buddha in history

Since the advent of Buddha and Buddhism, Many people have made statuettes, engravings, statues, etc. She sought them not only pay homage to Buddha but try to approach him and his wisdom. Like this, when people meditate in front of a statue, He sought their support to reach enlightenment. The same, by putting figures and statuettes in the house what was sought it was to repel negative energy. So good luck drew to protect your home and all who lived there. That is why in the East a large number of countries retain the Buddha statues to the admiration of all.

Relax and enjoy the view of this figurine of Buddha

Figure contemplates Buddha when you think you drop so move

This figurine will help you create your haven of peace

Relax by your Buddha praying


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