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Figure Blue Buddha Resin



Add a touch of originality and Differentiate around the world thanks to this figure of Buddha blue resin. Everyone will be amazed!

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Let yourself be carried away by passion and mysticism of the Orient! More and more people is going to Buddhist decoration at home. As a result, They are getting fill your home with great peace and harmony without sacrificing design. Like this, we bring this Buddha figure made in resin blue color. Each of these figures is designed so you can place it on any table, mantel or other furniture where you can admire. Its blue sky transmit a sense of infinite peace. In addition, thanks to its light blue, conjuntarlo is ideal for open spaces and light colors giving a touch of harmony.

Thus we have every Buddha figure conveys a different feeling:

  • Buddha meditating will help to create a haven of peace and calm. In Buddhist decoration, this figure is ideal in rooms. You can also place it in places where you practice meditation so that every time you see can relax and meditate more deeply achieve.
  • The sitting Buddha invites you to enter is ideal for placing at entrances. Like this, people you receive will be blessed with good luck into your home. Everyone will be amazed when they see this amazing figure!
  • The reclining Buddha is ideal to place in bedroom. This Buddha exemplifies us and reminds us of the importance of rest in our day to day. So get sleep better and wake up more refreshed and relaxed.

Let the light and serenity of Buddhist inundate your home decor!

These Buddha figures are made in the likeness of the great Thai temples. In these temples, we can see the figure of Buddha statues placed tens of meters solemnly to greet people entering their temples. Thanks to these precious figures we bring a piece of the Orient to your home.

With these figures you can create a great contrast in your Buddhist decoration

Buddha meditatingBe at peace with this Buddha figure meditating


Buddha TumbadoLose yourself calm and peace through this Figurine


Sitting BuddhaBuddha figure invites you to calm down and desestresarte


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