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Diadema Turban Boho Chic Terciopelo



Thanks to our boho chic turban headband, You can easily pick up your hair while looking fabulous show.

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Summer comes and starts the same dilemma every year, What put me add? The star accessory is the boho chic turban headband. The years 90 It was the beginning of fashion bands or diadems. But with the Coachella music festival and wreaths in Kendall Jenner, He resurfaced fashion. Currently the instagramers as Madame de Rosa or Dulceida, They are addicted to these accessories and the faithful follow the trend.

The perfect accessory to wear this trick is a mane polished boards and a touch of oil on the tips, to brighten.

Making the boho chic turban headband

The turban is made from velvet cotton and polyester. In this way we obtain a turban velvet very soft and silky, How to use. In this way, we can pick up our hair easily, being comfortable all the time.

Pick up your hair gracefully through this boho chic turban headband

Keep your hair tidy thanks to this Turban boho headband

Do not let your hair disturbed by this turban headband

Get a stylish look with our diadem

Let everyone be fixed in your hair thanks to this headband Pick up your hair easily and gracefully



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