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Headband Turban Boho Chic Handmade



Pick up your hair while you go to the final thanks to this boho chic turban. With the, you will not have to worry about hair bother you.

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When we allow ourselves long hair, sometimes it can bother the eyes or ears. You may also want to change our hairstyle a bit but without cutting completely. To do this we bring this fabulous boho chic turban.

This turban has been crafted from polyester fabric loop on top. In this way, you can put yourself headband so pick your hair.

The history of tiaras

Diadem has a great inside story. Greek and Roman women were using them to supplement daily beauty. in Mesopotamia, men and women wore their hair bows. For most of them adorned with precious stones and pearls and theirs, simple ribbons around their heads.

From here diadems today have evolved to becoming a comfortable piece using both men and women.

Surprised with this lovely boho chic turban

Diadem will help you to hold your precious hair

Take your hair up and tidy thanks to this wonderful diadem


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