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Tibetan Singing Bowl Quartz



Let the sound of the Tibetan bowl quartz relax your mind and spirit in order to meditate and regulate your body.

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Through sound we can relax our body and mind. When we are meditating and feeling our chakras, a certain tone can help us connect with our chakra in order to regulate. Thanks to the sound of the Tibetan bowl, You can connect with your chakras achieve more easily.

This story is made of quartz. It includes rubber mallet to use with the bowl and thus produce a beautiful sound without damaging the bowl itself.

The diameter of the bowl is 20cm or 30cm of producing a relaxing sound of 440The 432Hz Hz. The bowl is black and wears a flower drawn Tibetan life in gold.

The union between Tibetan bowl quartz and your chakras

When rubbed and hit the bowls with the ramrod, they produce a loaded sound healing nature; a true sound massage. The crystalline sounds produced by Tibetan bowls are employed in order to harmonize your body, thus creating a healing and invigorating energy in your body.

Let the sound of the Tibetan bowl quartz relax you

A Tibetan Quartz Bowl is the best choice to regulate your chakras with sound

Creates a pleasant sound in the bowl with silicone deck



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