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Quartz crystal with Engraving Flower Life


This quartz crystal with flower of life etched on its surface, It helps us heal and balance us both bodily and spiritually.

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This quartz crystal works with Sacred Geometry represented by the Flower of Life and platonic solids are all reflected in the Flower, including seed of Life, Metatron's Cube etc.. Therefore we can use this power to energize liquid crystal, foods, enhancing sprays auric, essences etc.

The quartz crystal we can work with DNA, help regenerate and repair damaged chakras or other aspects of our subtle anatomy as well as working to desparasitarnos energy level. Thanks to its high sensitivity, we can give you countless uses dowsing.

Discover all the power of united quartz flower of life

The flower of life is everywhere, from the macrocosm up in our cells. For this reason, to access the latent energy of the flower of life, we can uncover all the hidden potential.

Discover all the power of the prime of life with these crystals for pendulum


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