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Yoga strap Cruz



Yoga strap cross allows you to perform various asanas positioning, helping to maintain a firm stance.

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Not everyone has the same elasticity. To avoid problems doing yoga, You can use a yoga strap. With it you will have a extra reach until you get the elasticity needed to perform the asanas.

Yoga strap has a length of 200cm and a width of 5cm.

Exercises with yoga strap

At first let's start with the upper extremities - arms:

  1. Take the belt with his right hand and went through the back.
  2. Lift the right arm and tried to place it between the shoulder blades, The elbow should look up, as vertical as possible.
  3. The left arm rotates backward belt search, Help yourself closer grip and see if you can both hands.
  4. Another level if you see no difficulty I would try doing it without a leash and try to entangle both hands.

hold a 20-30 seconds in this position, loose belt gently and invests arms. With this exercise we Invigorate our arms and shoulders.

Now need to work the lower extremities - legs:

  1. We sat on the floor with your legs together.
  2. Take the belt with both hands and make it go through the toes.
  3. After maintaining the grip, back straight, we tighten the belt and bring us to us.
  4. This exercise helps us to improve posture boat.

We work and we promote the elasticity of the legs and spine. hold a 20-30 seconds in this position and release the belt gently.

These exercises can relate to the constancy, improvement and effort in order to achieve our goals with small actions. Granite countertops form a mountain and can get it stable and solid. Thanks to yoga and these exercises gradually better able See yourselves.

Asanas performed with incredible new yoga strap

Enjoy making your exercise with yoga strap Yoga straps will provide support for your asanas


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