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Yoga Strap Boho Chic


Open yourself to a new world of asanas with this wonderful yoga strap boho chic. Everyone will be amazed to see her.

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Yoga straps are a necessary accessory in many cases. Many types of asanas require some flexibility, but not everyone has the same level of flexibility. Yoga beginners often have to start from scratch to build a more flexible body. The same goes for the elderly. As we age, we lose bone and muscle flexibility. A yoga strap can break that invisible boundary. We can use a yoga strap to help us perform asanas and little by little gaining flexibility.

This lovely boho chic strap has a pattern on its surface. 187cm overall length and width would be 3.8cm.

Use your yoga strap for Pinza Sitting Posture

In this and other sitting postures, the belt will help us intensify stretching legs as she grows back up. This is ideal when the muscles in the back of and back legs are tense and do not allow us to enter fully postures. We use the belt can adapt posture to the physical possibilities each student, allowing you to get the benefits of posture but do not completely.

Using the belt in Pinza Sitting

Will place the belt around his feet as shown in the picture holding it with hands. We stretch out your legs and will draw chest to keep your back straight, it down to the torso as far as can. always descend straight up until the lower abdomen thighs touch. This is the sign to start down the face and chest toward the legs and into the full pose. Otherwise, we are forcing the lumbar.

If we can not get down enough to complete the posture, we'll stay up with your back stretched working the elastic leg and back until we are ready.

secure alignment in Pinza Sitting

Pincer sitting is not a way to sit very common for Westerners. Our back muscles are often tense, making it difficult to sit on the floor. How to work safely back in this position?

  • Relax your shoulders, avoiding grow toward your ears. If we see that we can not lower them, It is a sign that we must lower torso least for the moment.
  • Lengthen and grow bringing back the chest.
  • Yes even then, costs to keep straight, placing one or two blocks under the hamstrings.
  • Focus on curves back, Yes (as in the photo) lumbar curve vanishes, must be placed a little below the height Hamstring.
  • active feet.

Anywhere you exercise your yoga strap Surprise everyone with your yoga strap Surprise everyone with your yoga strap


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