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Cotton Yoga Strap



Do not you hurt yourself doing asanas! Thanks to yoga straps you can do all kinds of yoga exercises smoothly.

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Yoga straps you will be useful to overcome your limit of flexibility in positions that require stretching to the extremities. They can also help you stay in one position for a long time. This yoga strap comes with a D-ring at one end. So we can regulate its distance.

The strap is made of cotton, providing softness so they do not fit you scuff. The belt length is 183cm with a width of 3.8cm.

2. Posture del Barco Navasana

The boat is a particularly difficult position when there is not much strength in the core and the leg muscles They're not here flexible. Use belt will help us to have a complementary support to stretch the legs keeping the back straight.

Using the belt in the Boat

Will place the belt around his feet, As for sitting Pinza. Then we enter the first level of the position. To do keep the knees bent so that the calves are parallel to the ground. Remove and put chest to stretch well back and stretch your legs and core strength arms. There need additional help of yoga strap.

We must be aware that the full version unbelted only uses the force of the core to lift your legs. So keep that in mind not to overuse the force of arms.

secure alignment in the Boat

The boat is a good position to work the core, but it is very easy to stretch the upper back and shoulders. For this reason, The key point is to keep the stretched back, and the chest wide open.

  • Straight opening and pulling the chest.
  • Assets feet.
  • If the muscles of the legs are very weak, We can hold a block with his legs to work the strength of the thighs also.

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