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Yoga Strap 183cm



Performs all types of asanas without any problems with your yoga strap. You can perform with it all kinds of stretches and positions.

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Many times we are not able to reach the desired position by lack of flexibility. This happens especially when we are starting to sessions in yoga and when we lose flexibility because of age. Thanks to yoga strap we can make those demanding asanas where we did not get. In addition, We can use it to make a large number of new asanas, so it will open a new world of possibilities.

The strap has a 3.8cm x 183cm measures and is made of a mixture of polyester and cotton. With it you get a sturdy strap while not leave scuff marks while you do your asanas.

Yoga straps for beginners and experts

Yoga straps can help in stretching They are requiring that we get to the extremities, also helping to maintain the desired posture for longer.

Regardless of the sessions of Yoga, The straps are a good accessory for stretching in general. They are not just for beginners. They also serve the most experienced athletes to further improve the range of motion of all joints.

Thanks to them we can help improve our flexibility slowly if we are consistent in their practice. Straps together with other accessories can help us practice the various asanas and get a wider range of joint mobility. Gradually we can improve feeling better inside and out.

Yoga is for everyone, because it can adapt to all physical conditions. Thanks to yoga straps, everyone can enjoy at its. Do not hold back and enjoy doing all kinds of asanas. Whether at home, in your park, in the gym, etc. You can practice yoga without problems.

Have fun in yoga through yoga strap


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