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Traditional Buddhist set for woman with buttons in Chest



Enjoy your meditation sessions with this set of clothing meditation with traditional cut.

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Enjoy your home with this traditional style meditation clothing. His Buddhist court will feel deeper meditations perform.

Traditional meditation

In the East, Meditation not only it serves to calm the body, it also helps to calm the mind. To do this follow a number of steps to purify your body. For example, Buddhist monks abstain from eating strong meat before your meditation sessions. They also tend to use clean water to clean your body and wear clean new clothes for better effect. Like this, Once you begin your meditation sessions, These monks can meditate for longer (also helped with their mantras) and deeper.

Meditation clothing

For meditation sessions, clothing is an important aspect. Besides being a step of purification of the body (and soul), also it helps them stay comfortable. It is very important that nothing distracts us during meditation sessions, so a position in which clothes does not cause us improve our tensions and reduce our stress relaxation. It also has to be breathable so we can keep cool throughout the meditation session. So, choose the right clothes is very important meditation.

This traditional dress is made in one piece. Presents lock buttons on the front so we can fasten or unfasten to our liking. His aesthetic is classic cut with floral embroidery on its surface, following the pattern of the fabric.

This meditation clothing is made from cotton and linen so that you can be comfortable at all times just to avoid accumulating perspiration sweat while meditating.

The dress has a length of 114 cm, with 63 Shoulder cm, 35 cm wide and 106 cm bust .

Follow the path of peace and tranquility with your traditional clothing

Stay cool while meditating with our traditional set for meditation

Meditation clothes allow you to meditate more easily


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