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Bracelets set with Crystal, Sea turtle, World, Infinity and Love


Surprise everyone with this set of bracelets. Whether carrying one or all at once, the people around yours, It will be impressed!

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It surprised everyone by your set of bracelets. This set consists of 5 separate bracelets that can combine the way you see fit. Like this, pudes carry one in each hand, some, all, separate them, juntarlas, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Models set of bracelets

The first of these bracelets consists of a sea turtle surrounded by natural stone beads.

The second of the bracelets is an infinity symbol next to a heart-shaped features.

The third of the bracelet consists of a center small crystals that give crimps brightness and originality.

The fourth bracelets just the word love.

The fifth bracelets is finished in a small circle with a part of the world map within it.

Except bracelet sea turtle, all other bracelets have a length of 19cm, may be extended to higher 5cm to 24cm, thanks to its closure clamp.

Surprises with your set of bracelets 5 different models

Your set of bracelets will leave endless possibilities


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Got something to discuss?

3 months 21 days ago

What material they are made??

3 months 21 days ago

The bracelets are made of zinc alloy.

Neus Planas Lopez
3 months 10 days ago

There are different measures, for larger arm?

3 months 9 days ago

It's only model.
Best regards.