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Boho Chic bracelets set with Arrow and Heart


Enjoy a thousand and one options when you go to leave home with this beautiful set of four bracelets boho chic.

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Never run out of ideas to combine thanks to our set of boho chic bracelets. This set includes 4 bracelets allows you a thousand and one possible combinations. You can colocártelas as in our photo, you can take one every day, You can change or switch their order, etc. In this way, the possibilities are limitless. Only your imagination will dictate how far to go!

Enjoy the exquisiteness of our set of bracelets

This precious set of bracelets is formed by four different bracelets. The first one is formed by an open ring bracelet, which it has on top an arrow. The second bracelets is formed by a chain claw clasp. The third bracelets is double thread clamp closure. In the central part shows a small coraçon. The last of the chains also has a lobster claw clasp and consists of a large number of accounts. In its central part it has a rhinestone Citrine.

Notice: Clock not included.

Surprised with this lovely set of bracelets



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