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Bracelets set Boho Chic 5 in 1 with Hamsa Hand, Infinite and Fractal Circle


Get your own unique style with this set of bracelets that will protect you from negative energy and attract luck.

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Our boho chic bracelets is perfect for all occasions. Thanks to its style and it consists of five bracelets, you can make a thousand and one combinations. In this way, You can put yourself bracelets according to your own style, humor, etc, giving that original touch that makes you unique.

This set consists of bracelets 5 individual bracelets. The first of the bracelets is formed by a Hamsa hand that will help protect you from evil eye and bring luck to your life. The second bracelet consists of a chain of linked accounts. The third bracelet has a small fractal which reminds us of the way the microcosm to macrocosm. The fourth bracelets consists of a link chain with beads at regular intervals. Finally, the fifth bracelets consists of an infinite, it will help us to choose our way from infinite possibilities. The beaded bracelet fits your hand while the other bracelets including claw clasp to regulate.

Take advantage of our set of bracelets

This set of bracelets is sold in a pack, so you can get the 5 bracelets together at an incredible price. Take advantage and do not stay without them!

Surprise everyone with your whole boho chic bracelets

Let luck and happiness into your life thanks to the action of our bracelets


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