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Bracelets set Boho Chic 4 in 1 with cardiogram and World


Feel and share your love with everyone with this lovely set of boho chic bracelets. You will be leaving everyone surprised!

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The heart is not only the body that helps us in life. It is also a symbol of love and courage. For this reason, This set of bracelets boho chic is created so that you too can have maximum strength and courage in life to get everything you want.

This set consists of bracelets 4 bracelets. Three of the bracelets have lobster claw clasp while the beaded bracelet fits your wrist. Bracelets have a measure of 18cm.

The first of the bracelets is made up of linked accounts. The second bracelets consists of a round world map that reminds us that we are not alone. The third Bracelets includes a cardiogram, thus representing life and heart. Finally, the fourth bracelets carries a small crystals formed linker.

Seize the pack with our set of bracelets

This set of bracelets is sold in a pack, so you can get the 4 bracelets together at an incredible price. Get Them all thanks to this fantastic price!

Surprise friends and acquaintances with this set of boho chic bracelets


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2 months 18 days ago

Hi is silver??

1 month 25 days ago

dear Ana:
The bracelets are made of zinc alloy.

Alejandra Arratia
2 months 11 days ago

Hello, free shipping applies to certain minimum purchase amount? As is their delivery time? and the payment method?
Thank you!!!

1 month 25 days ago

Dear Alejandra Arratia:
We free shipping on all orders. No precise no minimum purchase.
As for the payment, We currently work with card payment or credit due.
We attach our shipping times so you can review: https://www.mundobuda.com/envios-y-transporte/