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Earrings Boho Chic set of Sun and Moon


This set of earrings boho chic will help to focus all eyes on your beautiful facial features.

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Among the different accessories, earrings are popular for their ability to attract attention to our face. With this set of earrings boho chic, You can become the centor achieve the looks easily.

The set is formed by a hoop earring Snap, A pen, a sun and a moon with hook and 3 open without closure rings ear. Thanks to the different styles, you can choose what you prefer earrings every day are.

The power of the sun and moon

The sun preceding the moon and back. These two Astors are always dancing in the sky and when one of them is present, the other is hidden. Like this, we can regulate and review the days of our lives.

Notice: The set of earrings is only for one ear. earrings for symmetry are not delivered in the other ear. To do this you have to purchase a second set of earrings.

Get your look thanks to these earrings bohemian chic boho


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