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Boho Chic bracelets set with Globe Marineras


Highlight your arms, hands and wrists thanks to this set of boho chic bracelets. Everyone will be amazed!

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The sea and land are intrinsically connected. That is why this set of bracelets is both a celebration and that union. This beautiful set of boho chic bracelets designed to use your bracelets so that they play with maritime concept and Mother Earth. In this way, You can get get surprised everyone with this fusion of ideas.

Une both worlds with this set of boho chic bracelets

This set consists of four independent bracelets. The first bracelets consists of a globe as a world map through a link chain. The second bracelets consists of a large number of small accounts. The third of the bracelets is very similar to the second except that the beads are larger. by last article, the fourth bracelets consists of multiple accounts as a marine pussy that are joined by thread.

Let yourself be surprised as well as surprise everyone with this set of boho chic bracelets


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