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Bracelets set Boho Chic Moon with Hamsa Hand and Tree of Life


This wonderful boho chic bracelet will help you connect with your energy while protecting you from negative energy.


Thanks to our boho chic bracelet with moon, Hamsa Hand and The Tree of Life, not only will you be protected from negative energy at all times thus attracting positive energy towards you, but also, You can feel your energy connects heaven and earth.

Discover the power of our boho chic bracelet

This beautiful bracelet has several independent bracelets which together will help you get more health and luck in life. So we have this set of boho chic bracelets integrates a Hamsa hand. Hamsa hand is a protective amulet repels negative energy. In this way, You come to us only positive energy. Like this, Every day we feel stronger and luckier for everything we set.

In addition, This set of bracelets also has a tree of life, symbol of earth energy and nature, and a moon, symbol of patience and relaxation. Thanks to the combined action of both, We feel how stress vanishes and we have more vitality during the day.

Surprise everyone with your whole boho chic bracelets Enjoy every chic bracelet boho your day


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