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Boho Chic bracelets set with World Heart, Anchor and Hamsa Hand


Get a unique style that fits you perfectly with this set of boho chic bracelets

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This set of boho chic bracelets will help you have a unique personal style easily. Thank you to your 5 independent bracelets, You can combine them in a thousand different ways in order to get that personal style that defines you.

Expand your vanity case with this set of boho chic bracelets essential

This set consists of 5 bracelets made of zinc alloy and finished closure clip (except for the beaded bracelet with mandala is a closed bracelet). Thus we have the first one shaped hamsa hand. The second of which ends in a mixing said a heart and an anchor. The third of the bracelets is finished in a world map inside a heart. Finally, the fourth and fifth bracelet are finished in accounts that give a unique look, as well as a trinket shaped mandala in the last one. Bracelets have a variable length from 15cm to 20cm.


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