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Boho Chic bracelets set with Heart, Flor y Luna


Let the whole world fascinated by this beautiful set of boho chic bracelets that will help you highlight your wrists and hands.

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Boho chic bracelets are a great way to highlight your wrists, arms and hands. In addition, Thanks to this fabulous set, you can also succeed in creating the tratarde four bracelets your own style. In this way, You can combine a thousand and one ways to achieve this bohemian effect you want and surprise everyone.

Achieves the effect that both looking through this set of boho chic bracelets

This set of bracelets is formed by four individual bracelets. The first one is a circle with a flower bracelet engraved in its center. The second bracelets would consist of beads shaped pussy connected to each other. The third bracelet is made up of beads and finished in a small heart at its center. Finally, the fourth bracelets is formed by a small crystal moon crimps.

Bracelets have a length of 18cm, bracelets finished yarn being in a slide clamp that regulates the size with higher 5cm.

Surprise everyone with this lovely set of boho chic bracelets


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