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Boho Chic bracelets set with Aro and Triangle


Give a different and original touch to everything you're used to with this wonderful set of boho chic bracelets.

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Boho chic fashion allows us thousand and one different combinations in order to get our own style. For this reason, we turn away than usual to bring this set of boho chic bracelets that will allow trendsetter. Thanks to this set of bracelets, You can combine them in a thousand different ways in order to achieve different looks. In this way, You can get not only own unique style but many more by combining these boho bracelets bracelets and other accessories you already have. Your imagination is the limit!

Enjoy a thousand combinations with these lovely boho chic bracelets

This set consists of four unique bracelets. Thus we have the first bracelet looks like a branch with leaves where it has inlaid glass sheets. The second bracelets consists of a triangle with its open center. The third is an open bracelet with a crystal at its center Citrine. The last of the bracelets is a ring with glass crimps around him.

Get a unique style with this chic bracelet boho




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