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Triple set Boho Chic Bracelet with Hamsa Hand and Head of Buddha


Surprise everyone with a daily look with this set of Buddhist bracelets boho chic with hamsa hand.


This set of boho chic bracelets links 3 different bracelets in a single article that you can enjoy a thousand and one ways. Being 3 separately bracelets, You can conjoining a thousand and one ways. You can take all three at once, one in each hand, on alternate days, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Buddha head and hand hamsa together to bring good luck

This set of bracelets is divided into 3 different models. The first consists of a bracelet finished in a large hamsa hand hanging. The second bracelet is made up of a Buddha face with a hand of hamsa. Finally, the third bracelet is made up 2 hamsa hands with a Buddha head in the middle between them.

Thanks to the synergy between bracelets, once you put those, You will feel the negative energy and how diluted the positive energy takes hold.

Surprise everyone with these boho chic bracelets with hamsa hand




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