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Set Pendant and Earrings Hamsa Hand


Get-together style with this pack with pendant and matching earrings Hamsa hand.

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The amulet or talisman Hamsa hand is used for protect against envy and evil eye mainly; and it is that one could say that this small amulet protects us from all the evil that we want those people who are usually quite "envidiosillas". Also known as Jämsä, Khamsa, which is a Arabic word meaning "five"", in addition to Fatima's hand, . Five because it is considered to be the lucky number for Muslims and correspond to the five fingers have hand.

Be dazzled by the beauty of Hamsa hand

This great set consists of two parts made of stainless steel. On the one hand we have a boho pendant finished in a Hamsa hand. The chain is made of rings, measuring a total of 45cm. Moreover we have a pair of earrings twins. The earrings have a close pressure that lets you easily use.

Surprise everyone with this set with hamsa hand

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this set with hamsa hand

Give an original touch to your collection with this beautiful set of pendant and earrings


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