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Boho Chic set of rings


It surprised everyone by showing your hands with our chic boho rings. All your friends and acquaintances will be surprised.

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If you want to give a different touch to your accessories, try our set of rings boho chic. His unique style that everyone will notice you!

This set consists of 12 rings, each different. In addition, each ring has a specific measure. This way you can combine them as you see fit. Whether in different hands, in the same hand or on different days, you can take all or part of your rings and so surprise everyone.

Let the light of boho chic flood your life

Some items that can not be missed and that you can combine to give a more expressive touch to your boho chic style are dresses and baggy cardigans, wool and fur, the boots (above all, cowboy style) for winter and sandals for summer, embroidered garments, etc. To give a touch less folk and more Rocko, It can be combined with leather jackets and metal fixtures.

Dazzle everyone with this beautiful selection of rings

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