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complete set of aerial yoga hammock



Our complete kit will allow you to place a hammock air yoga so that you can perform yoga anytime.

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Every time is becoming more fashionable aeroyoga. So we need more people to these classes aim and are impressed by the sense of freedom that provide this type of exercise. They are also often used to help people who are starting, enabling position using the hammock in the most difficult asanas. This is where comes in aerial yoga hammock.

To practice aeroyoga (also known as aerial yoga), It requires the use of a hammock equipment in order to suspendernos above ground. Therefore, yoga Hammocks are an increasingly essential element in the different types of exercises. Discover all the asanas you can do through your hammock!

What it is included in the complete set with aerial yoga hammock?

We bring you a whole it consists of several parts.

First the hammock is. This hammock is made in 100% nylon. So you can do a number of exercises without problems. In addition, its resistance will allow you to hold all your weight in air. Hammock measures are 5 m long x 2.8 meters wide.

Following are the hammock accessories. Among them carabiners where the hammock and grab straps to hang the hammock from the ceiling.

All these three pieces will serve to place the hammock safely in your rings on the roof.

Notice: installing hammocks recommended by someone expert. We also recommend letting an expert placing the rings on the roof and the various materials for placement. The same, We recommend consulting an expert for conducting aerial yoga postures. We also recommend the use of a wash bag to protect the hammock to wash it in the washing machine.

Check here the colors available aerial yoga hammock

Use your hammock air to perform amazing yoga exercises


Hammock strap and carabiner


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