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Swing set Air Yoga



Aerial yoga swings to allow you to have a new world to do yoga and pilates.

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Swing air yoga (the aeroyoga) It is the final element so you can do your asanas. Thanks to aeroyoga, you can make a large number of movements and new supports that before you would be impossible. In addition, to find suspended in the air, You will feel freer in your movements. Like this, You can make any kind of asana in 3 shafts without anything stop you from moving.

Thanks to these movements in 3 axes, get make more muscle in less time ejercitamiento. This implies that at the same time get a lot of exercise greater benefits. That is why more and more people are turning to aeroyoga completely or to complement their yoga sessions. You also discover everything you can provide this type of yoga. Even if you prefer more Pilates, with this swing you can also perform aero pilates.

Is it beneficial to use air yoga swing?

To carry Asana aeroyoga, at least it is essential a hammock, Of course. Even so, The advantage of air yoga swing is its set of stirrups. Thanks to the stirrups available on each side with 3 different heights, we can make exercise more safely. These brackets will provide extra grip and fastening, may maintain positions Asana for longer.

This set includes swing air yoga: the hammock, 2 sets stirrups 3 heights, 4 carabiners and 2 Ceiling fastening straps.

Notice: installing hammocks recommended by someone expert. We also recommend letting an expert placing the rings on the roof and the various materials for placement. The same, We recommend consulting an expert for conducting aerial yoga postures. We also recommend the use of a wash bag to protect the hammock to wash it in the washing machine.

Check here the colors available aerial yoga hammock

Thanks to aerial yoga swing you will not be limited in any of the 3 dimensions for exercise

Air Yoga can be your ally for exercising this summer

Carries all your swing in your bag

Grab your swing strongly with their girths


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