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Boho Chic pendants set with Moon Reversed


Surprise friends and acquaintances with this set of boho chic pendant. With them everyone will be with your mouth open.

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Get everyone by surprise and marvel this beautiful boho chic set of pendant. The set consists of two short pendant to place more tightly in the neck, and a pendant double.

Short pendants have a measure of 30cm along with a lobster claw clasp which allows its length is regulated to bring more to our liking. As for the pendant double, It consists of two chains 36 and 48cm, Second strand finished by being an inverted moon. It also has a lobster claw clasp so that we can place and adjust to our taste.

Let the moon inverted astonish you with its power

In general it represents the moon represents the feminine power, Mother Goddess, the queen of heaven and protection. However also it has other meanings such as the dark side and the invisible aspect of nature; the spiritual aspect of light in the dark; inside knowledge; the irrational, intuitive and subjective. It is the eye of the night, who sees everything that happens in a stage of the day considered prohibited.

Surprise and wonder with this pendant boho chic


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