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Boho Chic Set 3 Pendants with Sun, Moon and Zodiac Wheel


Create your own style every day thanks to this set consists of three different boho chic pendant.

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in astrology, the zodiac is based on the division into twelve equal parts of the celestial band on which trace their paths the Sun, Moon and planets, advancing a sector for each month of the year. Each sector contains the traditional constellation to which it owes its name. The Babylonians and Greeks divided this band 12 equal parts, each being a sector of an area of ​​sky 30 degree arc, christened with the name of the twelve most prominent constellations they saw in each of the subdivisions. This set of boho chic pendant is a representation of the astral sky as among the 3 pendants can see the sun, the duality of the sun and the moon and the zodiac wheel with each of the signs.

Let good luck into your life with this set of boho chic pendant

This set consists of 3 independent hanging claw clasp. Chain each measuring 7cm 47cm can be adjusted to higher.



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