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Boho Chic set Snowflake



This lovely boho chic ensemble represents a perfect snowflake eternal beauty. As you see, No one can look away!

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A snowflake is a nature's wonder in which hardly notice. Its beauty and magic is distilled in these small crystals of six branches that have an almost perfect regular symmetry. Thanks to those precious stars Ice, every year we can enjoy the spectacle that perfectly combines art and nature. Even so, this art is unique and ephemeral since after a few seconds, snowflake begins to melt and fades before our eyes water at the end convitiéndose. This boho chic set of pendant, bracelet and earrings has been created taking into account the natural beauty so that as you submit it, all eyes are focused on you.

Discover the timeless beauty of this lovely boho chic ensemble

This precious set made of stainless steel consists of three parts that are a suspension, a bracelet and a pair of earrings shaped snowflake.

Surprise everyone with this boho chic ensemble

Let everyone admire your beauty with this beautiful set shape snowflake


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