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Vintage Rings Set


Thanks to this set of vintage rings hand, You can combine different styles to show with infinite possibilities.

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It reflects your own style with this set of vintage rings. These rings allow you endless combination possibilities. You can wear them all during the week or combine them as you see fit to create a surprise effect.

Using the rings through history

In prehistoric times, the ring He had strong emotional significance. It served to unify the people with whom he shared sowing, The hunt, a community or life.

The motives, shapes and colors of these early alliances were closely related to the religious beliefs of this period. Also, these rings were made with various rudimentary materials at their disposal: wood, bone, shells and carved stone.

At the wedding the Romans, the groom gave the bride a double ring proof of partnership. The ring became a sign of marital fidelity symbol and keep the commitment.


It surprised everyone by your set of rings


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