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Buddhist rings set with Lotos and Elephants


Surprise everyone enhancing the beauty of your hands with this beautiful set of Buddhist rings.

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This set of rings will help give a different touch to your hands. With the, You can get your hand accentuate a thousand different ways. You can put yourself all the rings as a set in one hand, combine them into two hands or use one or more each day. Your possibilities are endless!

This ring assembly is comprised of several different sizes rings, consisting of 3 rings 1.5cm in diameter, 4 rings and 1.6cm in diameter 3 rings 1.7cm in diameter.

Let peace and calm you enter

Among the rings we see that several of them symbolize the lotus and elephants. In Buddhism the lotus flower is an important element symbolizing rebirth and mindfulness. So, in many representations of Buddha is seen meditating on a lotus flower. Also, the elephant is considered a strong animal, wise and lead. Hence within Buddhism, This animal is highly revered.

Surprise everyone with this lovely set of rings




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