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Boho Chic Rings set with Turquoise and Heart


Give it a totally original touch while bohemian your hands with this set of rings boho chic.

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Make sure your hands shine with this beautiful set of rings boho chic! Thanks to its forms and natural stone crimps, all who see your rings will be amazed.

This wonderful set is made up 8 totally different parts from each other. Between them, Linkers have turquoise rings in different sizes, and heart-shaped rings.

Let the boho chic style will dea a different air to your hands

Its totally different style will allow you to give a different air to surprise friends and acquaintances. You can use all your rings in one hand, split rings between two hands or wear different rings on different days. In this way, you can combine an endless form all kinds of possibilities. Every day can be different if you wish! What are you waiting for? Join the boho chic style and surprise everyone!

The ring size is from US3 to US8.2 (as USA).

Surprise everyone with your boho chic set of rings

This set 8 parts allows you a large number of combinations of rings


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