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Boho Chic Rings set with zircons and Golden Moon Reversed


Give your precious hands a touch of class while elegance thanks to this set of golden rings.

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Thanks to this set of rings boho chic, Your hands will shine with their own light. The set consists of 5 rings, among which are a ring-shaped inverted moon, a ring with a cubic zirconia enshrined in its center, a ring with 3 zircons engarzadas next to each other and finally, two open rings simple style.

Rings with linkers zirconia having a diameter of 1.1cm, while the ring with the inverted moon has a diameter of 1.2cm.

The power of the inverted moon

The Moon with its inverted position means you have recently had a time of self-deception, illusion, fears and anxiety, but all these negative energies are beginning to disappear.

The inverted moon is the start to begin to conquer your fears and internal anxieties, understanding the impact they have on your life and learn how you can break free of these limiting barriers. This feeling can be a wonderfully liberating and transforming experience.


Let your rings light up your precious hands

Surprise everyone with your precious set of rings boho chic


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