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set of 4 Boho Chic bracelets with Knot, Leaves, Mandala and Diamond


Our set of bracelets boho chic bracelet will allow you to take more want at all times, whether one or more.

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Sometimes we do not know what more we fancy ourselves bracelet, or we do not have a bracelet that create adequate to attend the anticipated event, party or event. Thanks to our lovely boho chic bracelets set, you'll be splendid in a jiffy.

Get a dramatic look with this set of bracelets

This set consists of bracelets 4 unique bracelets. The first is an open bracelet finished in two separate tree leaves. This fine bracelet, It has a detailed finish that will surprise everyone. The second bracelet, is a string containing the figure of a hollow diamond in inerior. The third chain, It is also open and has a knot on its surface. This bracelet is thicker. Latest bracelet, It has a chain and is finished in a simple little Mandala.

Thanks to not be linked, You can combine the bracelets as best suits you and as you inerese. The possibilities are endless!

Make your doll look spectacular with this set of boho chic bracelets



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