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Boho Chic necklace with heart-shaped photo



Bring a photo always better animal companion that you can have forever feel your side with this pendant boho chic

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Our pets are often more than animals. They are also part of our family. We rejoice when we are sad, They help us whenever they can, care for us at all times, etc. That is why we have them always in our hearts when we are away from them. With this beautiful pendant boho chic, you can always enjoy because it allows you to store a photo of yourself on the inside. In this way, every time you look pendant, We can smile happy thinking about our beloved pet.

Let your heart estea always attached to your pet with this pendant boho chic

This lovely necklace is made of zinc alloy. Its 50cm long chain necklace allow us to put ourselves how best to prefer. In this way, We not have to always be concerned about how we will. Will we be spectacular!

Leaving open the pendant inside a space where we can place a fotogravía.

Marvel at this gorgeous pendant boho chic

It takes close to your heart to your inseparable companion

Wow you with this pendant care boho chic



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