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Zodiac pendant with Dedicated Card



Show everyone your zodiac sign everyone with this pendant zodiac.

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Each at birth does in a different zodiacal house. Each zodiac sign is equivalent to a part of the celestial bodies which traverse the stars. Each of these zodiac pendant representing each sign of the zodiac. Just knowing your birth date, you will see the sign of the zodiac you belong.

Lose yourself in the astral power through this pendant zodiac

Just like you, each sign of the zodiac is different. For this reason, each of our zodiac pendant is accompanied by a card that indicates how special are those born under that sign. That way, every time you see this beautiful pendant, you can also see your strengths.

This pendant made of zinc alloy is accompanied by a card with sign of the zodiac and a brief description of the strengths of the sign.


Surprises everyone by showing your pendant zodiac Aries


TaurusSurprises everyone by showing your Taurus Zodiac pendant


GeminiSurprises everyone by showing your Gemini Zodiac pendant


CancerSurprises everyone by showing your Zodiac pendant Cancer


LeoSurprises everyone by showing your Leo Zodiac pendant


VirgoSurprises everyone by showing your hanging zodiac Virgo


PoundSurprises everyone by showing your Libra Zodiac pendant



Surprises everyone by showing your Scorpio Zodiac pendant


SagittariusSurprises everyone by showing your Sagittarius Zodiac pendant


CapricornSurprises everyone by showing your hanging zodiac Capricorn


AquariumSurprises everyone by showing your Aquarius Zodiac pendant


PISCESSurprises everyone by showing your Pisces Zodiac pendant

Surprise everyone with your zodiac pendant



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