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Sun and Moon Pendant, Hamsa hand and Mantra OM


This wonderful pendant consists of several sections will help you attract all the good luck to you so that you can do any task you want.

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This pendant combines the strength of the stars together with Hamsa hand and om mantra to achieve a balancing effect on your life and to attract positive energy to you.

Discover the positive energy pendant

The pendant consists of several smaller pieces at different heights. In the first height, We have finished a chain in one hand Hamsa be near your neck. This way you will protect your voice. At an average height we have a string with the mantra OM, which will help us balance our inner energies. Finally, a lower altitude, we have the sun and the moon together, representing the duality of self. With the, we can reach equilibrium both in life and in our hearts. In this way we can make any task we set out without any concern. In addition, thanks to its attraction of positive energy, you'll have more luck in life.


The Hamsa hand pendant progegerá you from negative energies



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