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Hanging head Shakyamuni Buddha in Obsidian


Buddha pendant, also called Shakyamuni, Obsidian is a symbol of purity and Holiness.

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Buddha pendant, also called Shakyamuni, Obsidian is a symbol of purity and Holiness, What, on the one hand reminds men of their chosen spiritual path, but, On the other hand, due to the impact of the stone, It helps to avoid problems of life. From time immemorial, has been used Buddha pendants to help the yogis to arrive at a deeper and clearer understanding of the mysteries of the universe.

Hanging head Shakyamuni Buddha in Obsidian

In addition, the pendant is carved from Obsidian. Obsidian is a stone which drives us to grow giving us support that has always been a highly valued stone due to its mystical qualities, known material to form a shield against the negativity, by absorbing the negative energies of the environment. In addition, Obsidian has always been used by its qualities:

  • It is the stone of willpower, tenacity, frugality, the discipline and the desire to get away.
  • Strengths of performance are the unit bone and joints, acts as prevention and cure, also calming pains.
  • It has been much used against the evil eye, spells, jealousy, resentment and envy all, returning to anyone giving them all their evil and fighting against negative energies.
  • It helps to recover vision or to the rest of the senses in case of lack of full view.
  • It helps to sleep avoiding the insomnia and away anger, rage and despair.
  • It is very effective against vices and various dependencies since it favors willpower.
  • It helps to recover the joy of living through inner strength and power, making the person feel strong and brave face the challenges and problems.
  • It provides a deep healing of the soul.
  • Spiritually it revitalizes the soul and eliminates energy blockades and possible tensions. Stimulates growth at all levels, encouraging to explore the unknown. Psychologically, helps you to know who you really are.
  • It is a very powerful and very creative stone. Its use increases self-control and forces to deal with the real thing I.
  • In healing, If placed in the navel, It is based the spiritual energy in the body and, about the third eye melts mental barriers.

Thanks to the Shakyamuni Buddha head pendant in obsidian, you can eliminate negativity in your life and achieve the fullness.


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