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Pendant pen, hamsa hand, elephant and wind rose


This wonderful feather pendant, hamsa hand, elephant and compass rose is a unique jewel that will surprise everyone.

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This beautiful pendant is made up 4 covers, each finished differently. The first part and the top part, is a choker finished in a silver pen. The second part is a short pendant finished in a Hamsa hand. The third part is a pendant finished in a wind rose with 4 Cardinal points. Finally, The fourth part is a long chain pendant finished shaped elephant head. These 4 chain types are joined in the back forming a single pendant jewel, so you do not have to worry about placing one to one. Like this, You will make everyone notice you in any event, cocktail, price, fiesta, etc. Become the spotlight and dazzles everyone!

Shaped pendant pen

The pen symbolizes freedom. Like birds freely fly through the sky, you can do anything you set your mind on your day to day without problems.

Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand is a powerful protector that will help prevent the evil eye away from you. So you can attract positive energy into your life. Thanks Hamsa hand you can improve your luck and all around you.

The rose of the winds

The compass rose mark us 4 Cardinal points. Like this, on the go, we will never be lost and we will know where to go in our future.

Head elephant

The elephant head is a powerful talisman used by both Buddhists, Hindus, etc. This amulet used to receive upon us the strength and wisdom of the elephant and to face any obstacles of life and to move forward.

Thanks to feather pendant, hamsa hand, Elephant wind rose and everyone will notice you



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