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Pendant Boho Chic Playero


Feel refreshed and relaxed at all times thanks to this wonderful beach boho chic pendant. You'll get all the attention focused on you!

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The beach is a great place to relax and enjoy anytime. During the summer months, We all like to go to the beach in order to avoid and get rid of the stress of everyday life. In this way, We recharge batteries in order to meet our day to day with energy. This wonderful pendant boho chic beach is designed so you can take a piece of beach with you forever so you can recharge your batteries and energy where esteas.

Relax and enjoy your pendant by boho chic beach

This beach pendant comprises three chains linked claw clasp. So we have the first chain link has small palm trees hanging from it. The second chain hangs a shell, while the third chain, hangs a zinc alloy shell.

Amazes everyone with this pendant boho chic beach

Get ISN same with this pendant style boho chic beach

It shows everyone the beauty of your beach pendant

To enjoy the summer with this hanging beach


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