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Silver pendant with Buddha image


This silver pendant with the image of Buddha will remind you at all times to stay calm and be a better person.

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This silver pendant helps you every day thanks to Buddha image. Every time you see, You will feel calm wisdom of Buddha and come into your life.

This pendant is made of silver and has dimensions of 57mm x 14mm x 7mm.

Notice: Pendant chain does not include any.

Buddha let into your life

Buddha taught that the world in which we live conventionally, called samsara, It is primarily suffering. In fact, from the perspective of samsara which is as a closed circuit- there is no solution to the existential problem. We are condemned to suffer while we cling to our identity as something solid and absolute. What defines samsara is precisely this ignorance, subjects perceive this as a separate universe. The principle of awakening is to know that it is impossible to find lasting happiness in samsara while we have is based on the desire and ego perspective.

Your silver pendant with the image of Buddha surprised everyone

Let peace and wisdom come into you

Meditate in peace and harmony with this silver pendant


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