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Silver pendant with heart shape and Tree of Life


Join your heart with the people who most want in life thanks to this beautiful silver pendant with a tree of life inside.

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Love is a feeling impossible to measure. We never know when you will arrive nor the force will have. For this reason, this beautiful pendant with tree of life is a reminder that love is there for you.

Let the tree of life you an everyone you love thanks to its incredible power

This pendant has been made in sterling silver, with a chain length of 45cm. In the middle, It has a tree of life that is framed within a heart. The Tree of Life has cubic zirconia sheets strung to form inside. In this way, like The Tree of Life unites everyone, with this pendant, You can unite your heart with your most loved ones. So can easily convey your feelings on the go.

Let your feelings reach everyone with this pendant

Let the Tree of Life your heart with the people you love most



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