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Silver Pendant 999 with portrait of Buddha


Let peace and harmony come to you with this silver pendant with the portrait of Buddha. Every time I mieres, improvements will feel like as a person.

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The effigy of Buddha is highly revered in Asia. In Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand, China, Japan, etc, we see great works of art everywhere where Buddhist elements or the same Buddha statues populate the landscape. Many people, not only follows the teachings of Buddha, but to draw wisdom and fortitude of the same, create his portraits to carry or place in housing. Like this, whenever said look portrait, try to become better people. It's that desire to improve makes us become better people. So that you too can receive wisdom and calm Buddha, we bring this stunning silver pendant.

Let peace come to you Buddha

This pendant made in silver 999, It shows us the portrait of a calm and meditating Buddha with half-closed eyes. The obverse, also it has a beautiful engraved. Every time we look at this pendant, reminds us of Buddha's enlightenment. In this way, We improve ourselves everyday.

Surprise everyone with your silver pendant Buddha

Let peace and serenity come into your life

Thanks to your silver pendant, You can meditate and feel better every day



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