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Om Pendant with Hamsa Hand


Thanks to this beautiful Hamsa hand pendant with Om, You will achieve being the center of everyone's attention at any event.


Om colgane with Hamsa hand is a beautiful piece of jewelry that combines 3 parts. The first part is a choker 3 strategically placed stars. The second part is a short pendant with a hand horizontally hamsa, while the third part is a long heart-shaped pendant with the word Om at its center. These 3 parts are joined at the end of pendant thus forming a single piece of 3 covers.

Thanks to its sober style but layered, you will achieve a great impact on everyone you see. This type of pendant is ideal for summer or when wearing low-cut dresses as they allow the visual impact of 3 pieces simultaneously, conviriéndote well in the center of attention of all parties and events.

As the closure clamp, You can adjust its length to your style of dress. In addition, You can share it with others to be able to change the length of closure. As a result, Conveniences include a precious jewel that can use both you and your partner, family, friends, etc.

Protection Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand amulet is a powerful protector repels evil eye can thus attract positive energy to you. This amulet has been used since ancient times to protect people like homes. It has also been mostly used by pregnant women to protect the fetus and achieve a good birth.

The splendor of the mantra Om

The mantra Om is a powerful mantra in Buddhism. This mantra is used primarily to reach a deeper state of meditation. Like this, Buddhist monks with this mantra while meditating achieve better effector.

Through the power of this mantra, It is used both singly and in other manthras order to enhance their effect.

The hamsa pendant with hand and heart om will make everyone turn to look at you

Surprise and wonder with hamsa hand pendant and heart om


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