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Evil Eye Pendant with Stone



Let the power of the Turkish eye help you overcome all obstacles in life and protect you from negative energy.

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Find peace and tranquility in your life with this pendant with Turkish eye. With the, You have no more worries about negative energy.

This pendant is composed of three chains attached at the back of the pendant. Each chain has a different measure, creating a different drop heights and forming three. In the first chain, with a measure of 33cm, we have several placed at equidistant intervals accounts. Second strand, 35cm, It is terminated by a Turkish eye that will protect you from all evil. In the third chain, the 48cm, we have a natural stone set that will help you balance yourself internally.

The power of the Turkish eye

Turkish eye, also known as nazar or blue eye when the stone is blue, It is a powerful amulet that gives us protection against the negative influence of envy, thus avoiding the evil eye.

The most traditional Turkish eye color is blue. In these cases, Turkish eye is associated with water and is a symbol of good karma, linked to the positive energy.

Model 001

Protect yourself from negative energy and get positive energy with this pendant


Model 002

Let all the power of the eye help you in your day to day


Model 003

Let kindness and luck invade your life


Model 004

Turkish eye will help repel all evil


Model 005

Avoid the evil eye with this pendant nazar


Model 006

You get all the luck you need with this wonderful pendant


Model 007

Avoid the evil eye with our Turkish eye pendant


Model 008

Let Turkish eye protection will help you attract good luck


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